Congratulations to our 2017 Annual Achievement Award Winners!

  • William
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Self-Advocate & Role Model
    When William first started Milestones in the fall of 2016, he was shy and tentative about sharing his thoughts and opinions. Since then, he has made great personal gains in voicing his needs and wishes. William currently volunteers his musical talents once a week to perform for residents at High Meadows, and is working with a vocational counselor to explore different job options that may fit his interests. We are so proud of how he’s learned to advocate for himself, and throughout that process, has become a role model to his peers.
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  • Jose
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Changing Homes, Embracing Change
    After spending many years together, Jose Santiago’s guardian moved down south in 2016. Jose moved into his new home on Park Street where he is very active: from attending the Baraco Day Program in Hadley, to participating in the Friendship Band every Tuesday, he is happy to be around his peers, and enjoys engaging with his housemates when he gets home. Jose and his guardian skype weekly. We are all so proud of how he’s embraced this transition.
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  • Deb-Seldin
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Making Healthy Choices
    Deb recently lost over 11 pounds. Since beginning her weight loss journey, her whole outlook has become more positive. Deb makes healthier lifestyle choices, exercises more, improved her listening skills, and is more helpful around the house! Deb helps cook meals every Friday evening. Three cheers for Deb.
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  • Tim
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Making Healthy Choices
    Tim has lost 20 lbs. in the past year by learning portion control with his snacks and desserts. As anyone who is trying to improve their health knows, it takes a lot of motivation, hard work, and self-discipline to change one’s lifestyle. Tim is very proud of this accomplishment, and so are we! Keep it up Tim.
  • David-Sanderson
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Facing Challenges with a Positive Attitude
    Recently, David bravely faced a cancer diagnosis. He has undergone his treatment of radiation therapy and throughout everything he maintained a positive attitude and didn’t miss a beat! We are thrilled to report that David is in remission! He is an example to us all on how to remain strong and keep on smiling when faced with life’s challenges.
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  • Bill-Q
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Changing Homes, Embracing Change
    Bill loves routines. Knowing this, we recognize how much effort and patience it took when he changed home in 2017. We are very proud of how he handled his transition from the Creamery St. house (where he lived for many years) to his new home in West Gill. What’s even more impressive is how he adjusted to this big change during his recovery from a bout of pneumonia! We are happy to report that Bill is pneumonia-free, still attending the Greenfield Day Center, and is getting along wonderfully with staff members and his roommates.
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  • Amy-in-chair
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Living Beyond Limits
    Amy has made a lot of progress over the years at her home at Glendvale. She loves engaging with staff and housemates, spending time with the therapy dog, and going to the Pyramid day program. Recently, Amy was listening to music on her iPad, when she used her finger to write out her name on the screen and also spell out the names of the staff. Needless to say, we were overjoyed and share her excitement for the communication opportunities this technology has unlocked. We look forward to working with Amy on how she can better communicate her wants and needs with us. Brava Amy.
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  • Andrew-V
    Annual Achievement Award Winner
    Hard Work and Professionalism
    Andrew began working as a part-time job receptionist for the Springfield/Westfield area Department of Developmental Services office in 2016. He is very social and does all that he can to be helpful. He shares his knowledge of computer shortcuts with his co-workers to improve productivity around the office. His hard work regularly draws in compliments. We are proud of the great professional strides Andrew has taken!
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