Care Provider Needed for Man with Disabilities

(PLEASE NOTE: This is a Shared Living opportunity. This man would be living with you in your home. Although we appreciate all interest, we are ONLY looking for Care Providers for this individual in South Hadley at this time.)

Pathlight is seeking a care provider (can be a couple) in South Hadley to open their home and heart to “E.,” an energetic, life-loving thirty-three-year-old whose kind heart and sense of humor are among his many gifts. An avid baseball fan with a love of movies and music, E. is a devoted family member and friend. He is a much-loved member of Berkshire Hills Music Academy, whose day program he attends, as well as being an active part of BHMA’s growing, extended community in South Hadley. Having established a strong sense of community and a network of friendships near the Academy and the college, E. hopes to live in that section of town.

E. is very sociable and values his independence. While he can be alone safely at home and in the community; takes public transportation; eats out on his own; and enjoys using his cell phone, he also needs support in these areas (e.g. help with transportation, social planning, money management, controlling impulse to text excessively). E.’s ideal care-provider(s) would support his independence, while skillfully helping him establish and sustain consistent daily life routines, including healthy eating habits and meal preparation, exercise, personal hygiene, rest, and self-regulation of anxiety. Although E. doesn’t mind children, his active lifestyle would best suit a home without children (pet friendly homes are fine). E. is naturally quite neat; a clean, orderly environment is optimal for his overall well-being. He can enjoy and be quite helpful when participating in household maintenance chores.

E.’s care provider would ideally have experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities (though not required), enjoy “differently-abled” people, and be able to create a warm, mutually-enjoyable bond with E. Best match are individuals who are even-keeled and able to create a peaceful home.