Let’s Dance Couples: Chris & Oliwia

Get to know Chris Drewniak and Oliwia Bragiel, one of our Let’s Dance couples!   Pathlight Dancer: Chris Drewniak “My name is Christopher Drewniak. I am 25-years old and I am Down Syndrome. I have been working at Big Y in my home town of Ludlow as a service clerk for 5-1/2 years. I am […]

Let’s Dance Couples: Lorraine & Scott

Get to know Lorraine Egerton and Scott Foster, one of our Let’s Dance couples! Pathlight Dancer: Lorraine Egerton “My name is Lorraine Egerton and I’m going to be 54 in November. I like to do crafts, spend time with family, and go on trips. I take walks a lot, and I’ve been on a bowling […]

Let’s Dance Couples: Lori & Brian

Get to know Lori Miller and Brian Ashe, one of our Let’s Dance couples! Pathlight Dancer: Lori Miller  From Amber, who is one of Lori’s caregivers: “Lori’s face lit up when I asked her if she would like to be part of this event. She is very excited to dance!” Community Dancer: Brian Ashe Brian […]

Let’s Dance Couples: Titus & Margaret

Get to know Titus Barklow and Margaret Lenihan, one of our Let’s Dance couples!   Pathlight Dancer: Titus Barklow “I like to dance, meet new people, and have fun!” Community Dancer: Margaret Lenihan, Senior Vice President, PeoplesBank “I truly appreciate how important Pathlight is to so many families in our community, and so I couldn’t pass up […]

Let’s Dance Couples: Dan & Joan

Get to know Dan McHugh and Joan Holliday, one of our Let’s Dance couples! Pathlight Dancer: Dan McHugh “I first came to Whole Children for Hip Hop classes and it was so much fun! Now I attend Milestones Day Program and take more classes and have been in the theater productions directed by Matt and […]

Let’s Dance Couples: Lucie & Alex

Get to know Lucie Pasche and Alex Morse, one of our Let’s Dance couples!   Pathlight Dancer: Lucie Pasche Lucie is a sports lover (especially the Boston Red Sox) and natural athlete and has been involved with Special Olympics since she was eight years old. She was elected a co-captain of her high school track […]

Let’s Dance!

Our premier Let’s Dance! competition and benefit is set to take place at Gateway City Arts on November 18th! This will be a night of dancing and celebration to support enrichment programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Think “Dancing with the Stars,” only in this case, the stars are people served by Pathlight. Do-si-do or […]

Purgatory in Our Back Yard

“There is a hell on earth, and in America there is a special inferno. We were visitors there during Christmas, 1965.” by Valle Dwight Beat that for a first sentence. It’s from a book published in 1966 called Christmas In Purgatory: A Photographic Essay on Mental Retardation that details two reporters’ visits to state institutions […]

A Win-Win Situation: Gerry and Edwin

Edwin first met Gerry nearly 20 years ago through his cousin Carlos, who often brought Gerry along to summer softball games, where he enthusiastically cheered on the team. “When Carlos told me that Gerry was looking for a new home, I applied for the position and got it. And here we are today. It will […]