Let’s Dance Couples: Aidan & Arlene

Get to know Aidan O’Donoghue and Arlene Rodriguez, one of our Let’s Dance couples!

Pathlight Dancer: Aidan O’Donoghue
Aidan is a College Steps student at American International College. He is very excited to be a part of Let’s Dance: “I love dancing and I love Milestones. At Milestones I take Friendship Band, Grease, Ball Blitz and Theater. My friends are at Milestones.”

Community Dancer: Arlene Rodriguez
Arlene was named 2016 Woman of the Year by The Professional Women’s Chamber. In addition, she has been honored with the Springfield Women’s Commission Unsung Heroine Award, and was named a 2007 BusinessWest 40 Under 40. Arlene is a member of the YWCA Board of Directors, and serves on Springfield’s Rosa Parks Organizing Committee, Springfield Ward 7 Democratic City Committee, Springfield Armory Council, and the WGBY Board of Tribunes and Latino Advisory Board.

Instructor: Sara Buckhout

Aidan and Arlene will slip and slide to “Greased Lightening” from the musical, Grease. 

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