Dancers Lori and Brian; Instructor Danielle


Lori Miller and Brian Ashe
Instructor, Danielle Stelma

Read about the dancers and why they are participating in Let’s Dance below!

Please help Lori and Brian reach their $2000 goal.

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Pathlight Dancer: Lori Miller
 From Amber, who is one of Lori’s caregivers: “Lori’s face lit up when I asked her if she would like to be part of this event. She is very excited to dance!”

Community Dancer: Brian Ashe

Instructor: Danielle Stelma
I believe that being able to express yourself and find joy through dance is something that people of all abilities should be able to experience. I am so excited to meet the dancers I will be working with and choreograph them a wonderful dance all while raising funds for an amazing program.”